Social Aspect

5I SDGs Initiative

Issue Date:2020/07/16

Social KPIs

The corporate governance of Chunghwa Telecom places great emphasis on integrity, accountability, and trustworthiness. We are committed to reducing information asymmetry between the management and external stakeholders, and utilize a variety of means to facilitate transparent communication with stakeholders. Furthermore, measures have been taken to ensure the timeliness, quality, balance, and credibility of the information disclosed. 
In this regard, we publicly disclose our social reporting indicators which cover all of Chunghwa Telecom’s business operations.


5I SDGs Initiative

We promoted the “5I SDGs” initiative: “I Helping, I Sharing, I Learning, I Programming and I Protecting," as the first real initiative in Taiwan that connects SDGs with the “Digital Country Innovative Economy Development Program” (DIGI+) from the Executive Yuan. Expanding partnerships in collaboration with NPO/NGO, helped us support the sharing of knowledge and technology resources. This enabled us to create a connection between the underprivileged and other diverse groups. Technology allows us to realize a win-win situation for digital human rights and an innovative economy. We will complete the following goals: 
(1) To promote and popularize service establishments and provide accessible and sufficient service support 
(2) Cultivate digital information literacy in all groups 
(3) R&D or purchase information assistance measures for the underprivileged 

We focus our social investment in minimizing the digital divide and creating digital opportunities, given the specific nature and the core competence in the ICT industry. We participate in local community services through corporate volunteers, and proactively assist the communities in creating digital opportunities. We promote all aspects of digital inclusion using 360-degree vision. 

In 2018, Chunghwa Telecom established 35 sites for accessibility to telecom services in long-term support of a government initiative to protect fundamental rights to communications. Chunghwa Telecom has developed its core competence to positively minimize the digital divide and devote itself to the creation of digital opportunities. We have chosen to connect with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Through real action, we have demonstrated our determination to develop and implement global sustainability. In 2018, the amount of social investment was 0.38% of the revenue and we set the goal that social investment will reach 1% of revenue by 2025.


Support Government Initiative

CHT has supported the government initiative for the promotion of free wireless Internet services on a nationwide scale. By making a reasonable Wi-Fi rental package available, as well as a robust user authentication platform and a nationwide maintenance/monitoring system, we have helped the government deploy free WiFi hotspots all over the country. Our contributions to social events in 2018 included working with local county and city governments to provide Wi-Fi hotspots and enable Internet access at festive gatherings and international sports events. We installed 330 hotspots for the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition, 74 hotspots for New Year’s Eve festivity, 197 for the Lantern Festival and about 64 for other activities. The company participated in 23 festive occasions and spent more than NT$ 7.7 million. Among them, Chunghwa Telecom has been sponsoring the Lantern Festival for more than 20 consecutive years and provided reliable network for tourists from all over the world.

CHT has sponsored the Lantern of the Festival every year since 1999. In addition to expanding the network equipment for the Lantern Festival area and monitoring by our engineering specialists, we ensure that mobile calls and Internet access are smooth and fast with such a large crowd. We arranged for services at all the different festival locations and the network equipment was monitored by our engineers throughout the event. Through the widest range of mobile networks, the largest number of base stations and the maximum 4G bandwidth, the public can take pictures, check in and share information smoothly. We also work with the Tourism Bureau by leveraging technologies to raise traveler satisfaction, including tracking cellular signaling data and traffic flow information to resolve traffic and overcrowding issues at major events such as the Lantern Festival. To promote national festivals and events, we aim to install high-quality hotspots for more than 10 million visitors every year till 2022.