Environmental Aspect

Environmental Data

Issue Date:2020/07/16

To fulfill our green commitment and embrace the world’s green challenge, Chunghwa Telecom has adopted a “Green Enterprise, Sustainability and Innovation Strategy” with the introduction of 5G (Green) initiatives: “Green Operations, Green Energy, Green Stores, Green Supply Chain, and Green Procurement” that aim to address financial success, sustainability and social responsibility.

Long-Term Environmental Initiatives and Targets

• For buildings owned by Chunghwa Telecom, we aim to reach the goal of reducing 10 % of carbon emissions by 2023, with 2017 as the base year.
CHT is faced with great pressure to save energy and reduce carbon emission. For that matter, we have taken measures such as:
1. Energy management: Use self-developed systems to manage the use of all resources and keep track of energy use efficiency.
2. Retire old equipment: Including old and high-energy consumption air conditioners, office and operation center lighting fixtures, parking lot lighting fixtures, and emergency exit lights have been replaced with highly efficient and power saving ones, such as LED light bulbs. 
3. Adjust and optimize equipment:
Install curtains to reduce the workload of air conditioners and glass panels at front desks to fend off heat; Keep car parks minimally lighted during non-office hours; Install light sensors at staircases and in halls; Bring air from outside to reduce indoor temperatures, prevent air conditioning from covering unused space, improve air outlets of data centers’ air conditioning systems.
• Chunghwa Telecom expects to reach the capacity of power generated by renewable energy to 1000 kWp by 2023.
In 2016, we announced the establishment of "Energy Office", locked in solar energy, wind power and LED three areas as the directions of development. 
Chunghwa Telecom expects to make the best of its expertise in information and telecommunication, and the Internet of Things, while working together with county and city governments under their autonomous regulations of low carbon city development to promote the construction of renewable energy infrastructure. 
As of the end of 2018, Chunghwa Telecom has established 70 solar power stations around the island, with a total capacity of 672 kWp, and 97 T-REC obtained. Solar power stations are scheduled to be set up in Taoyuan and Taichung. The capacity of power generated by renewable energy is expected to reach 1000 kWp by 2023.
• Setting 2017 as the base year for Chunghwa Telecom’s energy saving project, we expect to reach a power reduction rate of 10% by 2023.
Under the global call for carbon emissions reduction, our company is faced with great pressure. To achieve the goal, CHT, while underscoring high-energy efficiency in its newly-built data centers, also keeps optimizing the operation of existing data centers with measures such as:
1. Save electricity: Control power consumption by switching off stand-by units and equipment not in use, and installing localized lighting systems and independent switches.
2. Manage air conditioning systems: Use a monitoring system to control temperatures in different sections. Adopt hot/cold aisle cooling design, temperature-controlled variable frequency pump, highly efficient air conditioner, and free cooling air conditioning. 
3. Fixed line telephone equipment: Reduce energy consumption of old and low-efficiency equipment by purchasing high-efficiency ones.
4. Mobile communication: Speed up 4G mobile broadband applications and retire high energy-consuming 3G bases to greatly reduce electricity consumption.