Economic Aspect

Customer Relation Management

Issue Date:2020/08/19


 Chunghwa Telecom values consumers’ opinion. In addition to conveying technical features of the products and services we offer, we look at the matter from the point of view of the consumer. We provide consumers with the most comprehensive, high quality and efficient services putting a wide and diverse range of service channels at their disposal.

We provide a handbook about products and services for consumers that details product characteristics and applications, consider the negative aspect of overuse, and has friendly reminders provided while marketing. In addition, Chunghwa Telecom has set up the “Channel Sale Support Items Management Guideline” and “Channel Sales Support Items Management Implementation Procedures” to make the display of sales support items and operation management consistent throughout all the service and business locations. This ensures a positive service environment for consumers. These are vital for maintaining a superior and professional image as well as the service quality at Chunghwa Telecom. No violations of health and safety and product labeling was reported in 2018.

In 2011, Chunghwa Telecom became the telecom carrier to have all its centers certified for the “ISO 10002:2004 Customer Complaint Management System.” The Company views customer complaints as opportunities to make ongoing improvements. The resolution of customer complaints and dissatisfaction is rule-based and they must be settled within 3 working days. This approach ensures the continuous improvement of service quality.
In addition to the customer service hotline, consumers may also use the corporate website or Representative Line authorized by the President (02-23446789) to raise complaints directly to the assistance of the senior executive.


Refined Customer Service

Chunghwa Telecom provides services which are refined, thoughtful and professional to build the most congenial and warm atmosphere around customer relations. We use big data analysis to learn the true needs of customers so that we can offer thoughtful and customized services and products. This positive approach cultivates both favorable impressions and brand loyalty.


Review of CHT Customer Service Mechanism


Consumer Satisfaction Survey

We conduct a broad variety of satisfaction surveys to identify the issues of most concern to consumers and their expectations. We use these findings to guide future improvements. After each survey, the opinions and suggestions are conveyed promptly to product or business personnel (including Risk Management and the Public Relations Departments) using the consumer feedback system. Furthermore, consumers’ opinions are brought to the attention of the senior manager of the product and customer service departments for discussion at monthly meetings to ensure that the consumers’ expectations receive proper consideration. 

Regarding the IPA (Importance-Performance Analysis) items belonging to the fourth quadrant (high importance and low performance) after a review of the results of the annual satisfaction survey, we will request that the relevant functional units conduct further analysis and propose measures for concrete improvement every year. There will also be a follow-up in the next quarter to keep track of the progress of any corrective action found necessary.

For the satisfaction survey of consumers, we adopt a five-point scale, the higher the score, the higher the degree of satisfaction. Besides, the score of more than 4 points (including 4 points) is viewed as “satisfied.” In 2019, the average score was 4.74 points and the percentage of satisfied customers was 83.21%, reaching our goals of 80% on the percentage of satisfied customers.



Major Service Interruptions in 2019 and Countermeasures

In compliance with regulations set forth by the National Communications Commission (NCC), CHT discloses major service interruptions and subsequent response measures on its website. In 2019, one major interruption occurred, which is summarized and analyzed below: 
1. Description of the interruption: Failure of 5ESS switch system of Madou, Tainan that affected the local call service of 18,000 households.
2. Reason for the Interruption: The malfunction with the hard drive of the switch system led to an anomaly in the system operation.
3. Improvement measures:
• Faithful execution of monthly backup of the switch system in case of emergency.
• Improvement of the maintenance mechanism with the switch system to shorten the time for obstacle removal.
• Utilization of decommissioned IDC for in-job training to improve personnel’s emergency response.
4. Implementation status:
• The switch system of Madou, Tainan replaced.
• Continuous enhancement of maintenance measures and promotion for preventive centralized monitoring.
5. Outcomes:
• Average annual interruption frequency lowered from 0.0016 per user in 2018 to 0.0007 per user in 2019. 
Average annual interruption duration lowered from 0.63 minutes in 2017 to 0.138 minutes in 2019.