Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Issue Date:2022/06/30

Sustainable Supply Chain Management Strategies

“Code of Corporate Social Responsibility for Suppliers of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.” was stipulated in 2008 as the highest guiding principle for CHT’s supply chain management. We implement the ideas of sustainable supply chain management on two levels primarily:


We demand qualified suppliers a 100% commitment to “Code of Corporate Social Responsibility for Suppliers of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.” and signing on “Letter of Undertaking of ESG.” Matters concerning ESG for suppliers to observe are detailed in the General Provisions of Instructions for Procurement and Tender and the Basic Information and Review Form of Participating Tenderers. Any violation thereof will result in penalties including refusal in tendering, suspension, or termination or recission or contract.


Supply Chain Sustainability Risk Identification and Assessment

To effectively assess and capture the sustainability risks in and raise the awareness of the importance of sustainability/ESG management of the supply chain, Chunghwa Telecom identifies and assesses the sustainability risks of the supply chain with the 2-phase process of “before and after tendering.” Meanwhile, in line with the sustainability rating of suppliers, bonus or priority is awarded to outstanding suppliers in the tender mechanism.

CHT Supply Chain Sustainability Risk Assessment Statistics
Supplier Class Assessed Annually Assessed Once at Least per 3 Years Total
Critical Suppliers (Tier-1 and Non-Tier-1 included) 100% 0% 100%
Suppliers with High Sustainability Risks 100% 0% 100%