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Workforce Planning

Issue Date:2022/06/30

Workforce Planning and Strategies

Chunghwa Telecom foresaw five thousand employees to reach their retirement age in 2019-2024. Retirement of these seasoned employees shall result in issues such as technical experience inheritance, new talent recruitment and cultivation, as well as improvement and transformation for the existing employees.

Therefore, we initiated the Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) to analyze the workforce needs and manpower gaps in line with the future business directions. Specific manpower gap filling plans are formulated for the gaps to ensure a balanced manpower supply for the Company’s innovative development and business operation.


Human Resources Analysis

Chunghwa Telecom utilizes the People Analytics (PA) to analyze the personnel functions of its six functional systems (operational and administrative management, information, network, finance and accounting, research and development, and business). With the scenario of workforce to be retired in the next 4 years taken into account, the manpower necessary for various businesses in the future is planned properly in line with the projected operational objectives.

In addition, to fulfil the ESG vision and action objectives at Chunghwa Telecom, the feature of tagging is added in the PA (DX – the tag for digital transformation) for an effective knowledge, recruitment, and management of talent in the emerging technologies in order to secure the human capital necessary for the emerging technology business development at Chunghwa Telecom so as to realize its vision of a sustainable operation.

With the PA tool, CHT has achieved 3 important achievements as follows:

  1. Knowledge of human capital necessary for the present and future business developments for a precise manpower allocation
  2. Revenue Per Employee raised by 0.5%
  3. 10 categories of talent in the emerging technologies accounting for 26.7%, exceeding the 26% of the annual ESG target