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[Exclusive at Chunghwa Telecom Online Store ] On Sale
  • First Top-up : Get a FREE gift of domestic-call (valued NTD$100) after first top-up. This is only applied once per number.
  • Enjoy More FREE Data : 4G prepaid card with each NTD$ 500 top-up on the basic phone plan or data plan.

* Top-up information

Activity Methods
  1. [Exclusive HERE!] The promotion is only applied to the refill purchase paid by credit card at Chunghwa Telecom Online Store.The promotion is only effective when the refill is completed online before the finish time (The payment with refill card, refill code or main account is not included).
  2. [Exclusive at Chunghwa Telecom Online Store - First Top-up] After refilling for the first time at online store, each number can get NTD $100 domestic-call (once per number; It will be added to your balance within 3 working days). The organizer reserve the right to modify the gift. This offer will expire after December 31, 2023.
  3. [Exclusive at Chunghwa Telecom Online Store - Get More for FREE] The offer is for any single 4G Prepaid card top-up with more or equal to NTD$500 with the basic plan (voice+data) or data plan. The top-up value cannot be accumulated. This offer is not applicable for Hour PASS, Day PASS(30 days) , Student Budget Plan, Student Unlimited Plan, Service-type Prepaid Card (short-term) and original 3G Prepaid Card Number; The gift for domestic-call balance will only be granted after voice service being activated. This offer will expire after December 31, 2023.
  4. [Exclusive at Chunghwa Telecom Online Store] The gift of intra-network call or network traffic, granted from every promotion event,will vanish if not consumed before the expiray date(The valid date is stated in the refill package). It cannot be used for any discounts, cash exchange, or transfer.
  5. The event voice call balance and intra-network voice balance will be deducted for intra-network voice calls when there is no remaining balance in the basic balance (main account); the data traffic deduction order is: First the basic data included will be deducted, then the event gifted data will be deducted. Please refer to the website for details on the packages and deduction order.
Kind reminder
  1. Please carefully confirm the prepaid number for top-up, the top-up item, and the receipt process method; The system will proceed on top-up once the credit card payment is completed. Once the transaction is completed, it cannot be cancelled or altered, nor can the service and the receipt details.
  2. It takes approximately 15 minutes to activate each top-up. When the top-up is done, the system will send a "success" SMS to your prepaid number. You can check the record on the "Prepaid card top-up history"page in Chunghwa Telecom online store website.
  3. Once the prepaid card top-up for basic voice plan(main account), by-data plan or by-day plan is successful, the valid period will be extended for another 180 days, starting from the day of the top-up. The top-up for by-hour data plan and service-type prepaid card will not be applicable.
  4. 1. You can have additional purchase with Internet DataPass before your Internet HourPass expires. The two kinds can be combined. (Internet Day Pass and Internet Hour Pass are NOT included) 2. The prepaid card with Internet HourPass and DataPass will be consumed first on Internet Hour Pass. Also,the valid date will NOT be extended for the remaining balance of Internet DataPass. 3. When Internet DataPlan is used up or before the expiray date, you cannot have additional purchase on Internet DayPass. 4. Before Internet DayPass expires, you cannot have additional purchase on Internet DataPlan and Internet HourPass. However, you can renew your Internet DayPass in the last 23 hours before it expires.
  5. [Old 3G] refers to the prepaid card numbers that switched to mobile broadband contracts and shifted from the original 3G to 4G after 3G license expiration. Please visit Chunghwa Telecom Service Center to upgrade[Old 3G] prepaid card numbers to 4G prepaid card numbers. You will need to wait some time for the transition after the upgrade. For further confirmation, please contact our customer service at 0800-080-928.
  6. The upper limit for prepaid card top-up is NTD $5,000; if the remaining voice call balance of the prepaid card is over NTD $5,000, you cannot make any top-up..
  7. The prepaid card's Internet access is limited domestically, within emome APN or Internet APN. The international roaming and the special voice calling(such as 100, 108, and 123 etc.) are not available.
Important announcement for electronic receipts
  1. The issuing operation of the company's electronic receipt is handled in accordance with the announced amendments to the "Key points of electronic receipt operations" of order number 1070004107A issued by the Ministry of Finance on January 9, 2019.
  2. Once top-up is completed, the name of the product on the receipt will be issued according to the top-up amount; issuing of receipts with other product names, amounts, or dates is not allowed.
  3. After choosing to donate the receipt, the donation target can no longer be changed, you cannot choose not to donate the receipt anymore, nor can you request a paper receipt.
  4. If you chose Personal receipt > member carrier (ID number) as the receipt processing method, our company will send an electronic receipt notification to the E-mail address you entered within 7 days after top-up was completed, and will upload the electronic receipt to the Ministry of Finance electronic receipt integration service platform within 48 hours of issuing as evidence according to regulations; if you chose company receipt, our company will mail the paper receipt to the specified address that you entered.
  5. When Personal receipt > member carrier (ID number) is selected, if you need to query information on the electronic receipt, request for paper receipt or perform receipt consolidation, please visit the "Chunghwa Telecom Electronic Receipt System" website.
  6. Receipt winner notification operation: (1) Consolidated receipt: The "Ministry of Finance electronic receipt integration service platform" will be responsible for follow-up notification operations. (2) Unconsolidated receipt: Our company will notify the customer through E-mail within two days after the Ministry of Finance provides the winner list. Customers can visit the "Chunghwa Telecom electronic receipt system" website within two days of the notification date to confirm or change the mailing address for the winning uniform receipt. Our company will mail the electronic receipt certificate to you through registered mail within 10 days of the drawing day for redemption. Please refer to the "Chunghwa Telecom electronic receipt system" website for related details.